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Sar 1.5.6


Fixed bluetooh keyboard for iPad mini Fixed Air Print not working New Feature

Dropbox Support Share with AirDrop (iOS 7) Share to faecbook , twitter , mesage


Ornagai 2.5 new feature

Ornagai iOS and Android Version has been updated

Now, new version of Ornagai 2.2 is available on the app store.

In new version ,

  • update the database
  • fixed minor bugs

New version of Ornagai also available on app store. In the new version

  • show not found error message
  • remove extra space at the end when searching

Thank @yelinaung for bugs report and suggestion for ornagai android.

Remove Gardar on App Store

After google reader shutdown , Gardar couldn’t support anymore. Sorry about that . We are waiting community for next generation RSS reader.

New Gardar will come back soon

Ornaga 2.1

-update database
- improve search

Ornaga 2.1

-update database - improve search

Ornagai Android Version statics

New Support Website

We moved from to uservoice because of spam problem. We got a lot of spam message in Now we are using uservoice free plan. We still not decide to upgrade uservoice standard plan.

You can share your idea or bugs at

We read some users are not happy with Sar iOS app. I hope, this customer can ask support in our support website. We can’t reply any information at Apple Store. Sorry about that.